FHS compliance (kinda howto short)

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at gmx.de
Wed Aug 9 00:48:21 PDT 2000

( Mit, 09 Aug 2000 ) John Phillips <-- :
> Folks
> I was browsing the FHS-2.1 standard.  It's rather badly written if
> you wish to determine compliance. 
> >-- SNIPPED - describe differences --<

I did read the FHS-2.1 first, than made myself a list of the tree how it has
to be for total compliance, than created my LFS tree.
I did not use the books instructions for this part - this was _my_ decision,
not to make any compromises.

I left out all those directories which were stated to be out-of-date or just
suggested to be there "if any of the programs still needs it" (if I compile
myself I can make the program not to need it).
So, mine is designed to have all directories possibly located on different
partitions. In fact, I first built the whole LFS onto one partition and later
moved all those dirs out onto other partitions without problems.

Before compiling I went through all the Makefile.in and Configure in a
source first, to see which options I have for adjusting and where files 
would be installed. I than compared this to FHS standard whether it is
correct, if not I changed it before compiling.
I ended up having a totally FHS-2.1 compliant LFS system working with
no problems (yep, I have enough space for useless empty dirs, just to
have one distribution which is 200% totally compliant for reference).

So, this is just one point which has always been stressed again and again:
You can of course do it your own way, no one's hindering you if you do not
like the way the book does it, but than you are up to yourself.
If you want to totally comply FHS-2.1 from my experience I can tell you
it works if you check before compiling.

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