FHS compliance (/usr/share/nls)

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at gmx.de
Wed Aug 9 01:38:01 PDT 2000

( Mit, 09 Aug 2000 ) pascal.adami at balcab.ch <-- :
> Zitiere John Phillips <lfs at linux.demon.co.uk>:
> >-- SNIPPED --<
> Okay, so why are we creating the /usr/share/nls 
> directory then? In my case, it's still empty, even I 
> installed some software after I finished with the book.
> Is there anybody who has files in there?


/usr/share/nls : this is what is normally installed as 
/usr/share/locale/<short country code>
the contents of it are all those .(g)mo files which
translate english messages into your native language.

Note this (only not native english, enable-nls) default installs:
adjustment for currency and so on: /usr/share/locale/de_AT (Austria)
adjustment for currency and so on: /usr/share/locale/de_CH (Swiss)
adjustment for currency and so on: /usr/share/locale/de_DE (Germany)
--> we all have for example different currencies
translation of messages: /usr/share/locale/de
--> but we have one language (exept special dialects)

so german-special adjustments would FHS be here:
/usr/share/locale/de_DE/LC_<adjustment file>
so german-translated messages for gcc would FHS be this:

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