Thoughts to 2.3.7

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Wed Aug 9 04:06:47 PDT 2000

+-Gerard Beekmans-(gerard at[09.08.00 01:28]:
> > (and some smaller ones):
> You again? ;o)

Yes - and I will not stop _muhahahaaa_ =)

> > Installing tar:
> > While I tried to untar the next package I got an error:
> > bash: /usr/bin/tar: No such file or directory
> > Perhaps we have to do a "hash -r" after moving
> When you did a static tar installation you should have moved the
> $LFS/usr/bin/tar file to $LFS/bin/

Perhaps - I am not sure if I noticed it during my 2.3.6-installation,
but it looks like the "install"-scripts do a rehash so it looks in
/usr/bin and stores the path - so it does not work after moving it.

I think the idea of John Pillips using "set +h" is a nice feature.
> > Installing Man-pages:
> > "make" will move the pages from this package that are older than
> > the already installed ones to a subdirectory `not_installed',
> > then remove old versions (compressed or not),
> > compress the pages, and copy them to /usr/man/man[1-8].
> > (from README)
> What if your date is wrong by accident? it'll overwrite the files
> nicely. I rather copy them manually to make sure things don't get
> overwritten.

ACK - What about compressing them?

> > Configuring Shadow Password Suite:
> passwd- is a backup of passed after it's converted to shadow format.
> Same happens when you do grpconv (you'll end up with a group- file which
> is a backup of the original group file before conversion)

I noticed that, but the Shadow-HOWTO part that is mentioned to read
contains the following:

  pwconv takes your /etc/passwd file and strips out the fields to create
  two files: /etc/npasswd and /etc/nshadow.
 5.5.  Renaming npasswd and nshadow

  Now that you have run pwconv you have created the files /etc/npasswd
  and /etc/nshadow.  These need to be copied over to /etc/passwd and

That is definitely wrong / not needed... Of course this is not your
fault. What about adding a deeper shadow-description to the book?

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