FHS compliance

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Aug 9 10:19:28 PDT 2000

> This seems clear:
> *  /usr/tmp (if present) should be a link to /var/tmp.  At present it's
>    a separate directory.  If it's a link, the chmod for /usr/tmp becomes
>    unnecessary.  FHS also says the link could be dropped if not needed.
>    Is it still needed?

Some programs use /usr/tmp yes. I can make it a symlink to /var/tmp.
I'll be reading the FHS myself as well one of these days to try and find
some other things too.
> These are debatable points:
> *  /usr/include/asm should link to /usr/src/linux/include/asm-<arch>
>    (currently it's just /usr/src/linux/asm in LFS).  Note that "make
>    config" does set asm -> asm-i386, which fixes this.  This is compliant
>    only if "make config" is an essential part of the kernel installation.
>    I'm not sure.

It is actually. Without a make config process, the header files aren't
setup properly (ie the /usr/src/linux/include/linux/version.h file is
missing and is created during make config).

> *  There are some missing directories (which are in FHS-2.1, but not
>    in LFS).  For example, /usr/games is not explicitly made, but is
>    created during the install (it's only got "banner" in it).  

Consider it added.
> *  The above applies to the missing /opt as well.  However, /opt is not 
>    made during installation. (There are some other examples.)

That one I don't know. I try to create a set of often used directories
(i even let you create the share/dict directory which isn't used during
an LFS installation). Let's discuss this some more before I actually add
> *  /usr/var seems to be a contradiction in terms unless it's a static
>    link into the /var hierarchy (/usr is shareable read-only, /var is
>    variable data files, i.e. not read-only).

my /usr certainly isn't read-only (well it is for non-root users and
non-gerard users). LFS used to have the /usr/var symlink pointing to
/var but it was abandoned and I can't seem recall the exact reasons (but
at the time those reasons were reasonable)
> *  /usr/etc is not listed in FHS 2.1.  

Programs use it nonetheless. OpenSSH is one of them. Can't think of
others though since my /usr/etc is a symlink to /etc 
> *  /usr/local should either be empty or contain only the listed directory
>    stubs:
>    - bin, games, include, lib, sbin, share, src.
>    Currenly it contains a lot more.  The arguments above for and against
>    /usr/etc apply here.

a *lot* more? it has etc, tmp and var as extra ones you didn't mention.

Gerard Beekmans

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