Building for another machine: Was: Re: unable to open an initial console

Tim stcroixt at
Wed Aug 9 15:50:48 PDT 2000

On 08-07-2000, Christos Karras wrote:
> I added --host=i486-pc-linux-gnu to every ./configure command in the lfs docs
> to compile for my 486, I'll see if everything compiled correctly now that I can
> boot
> On Thu, 03 Aug 2000, you wrote:
> > you can't just transfer stuff from a pentium to a 486. Are you sure that
> > each and every program was compiled for a 486 and wasn't compiling using
> > the pentium optimizations? I'd say run the mountfs script manually from
> > the 486 and see if it complains about segmentation faults and such
> > errors. If so, you have to re-compile the affected packages that
> > contain those programs.

Christos, how did it go?  I'm interested because my gateway/firewall is
a 386 with a 80 MB HD currently running Slackware 3.6... and I don't
even have room for Perl (which most firewall tools seem to be written
in.)  The perfect candidate for a minimal LFS.


100 things you can do while waiting for Glibc-2.1.3 to finish compiling
on your 8 Megger 386:

Number 100: Read the complete works of Shakespeare... then ask everyone
you meet "What's a 'fardel'?" until you get a good answer.

Number 99: Start the uPFS project -- the Microprocessor-From-Scratch
project.  Hint: hooking your vacuum cleaner up to an aquarium does NOT
make a good enough vacuum chamber.


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