binutils compile error

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Thu Aug 10 02:27:11 PDT 2000

+-Greg T Hill-(greghill at[10.08.00 09:54]:
> Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> > To see if you are really going low on memory do this:
> > start compiling binutils and in a second terminal (either a VC (Virtual
> > Console) or xterm or something similar) run this command:
> >         watch -n 1 free
> I read this and ran free out of curiosity.  It reports I have  64280k total
> memory, however I have 128 megs ram installed and recognized by the BIOS.
> I tried it on another machine also with 128 megs of ram and get the same
> result.  My third box has  32 megs and it reports 29044k.  "man free" fails to
> enlighten.  Can anyone  explain to me what this means?

Some Biosses fail to report the right mem-size above 64M. See

for more information...

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