Little thing to add to make install for glibc

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Aug 10 05:43:50 PDT 2000

> I already evoked this issue two month ago, but Gerard, said it's
> irrelevant in the book...
> Nevertheless, I'm behind you ... I think it IS relevant since a lot of
> people on this ML use locales.

True, but i know of more people who don't. But that's besides the point.

Also, LFS is about learning how to build your own system. Though you can
follow the book's instructions by the letter and get a working system, I
don't intend to write down every solution to every little problem
somebody can have (as I have said a long time ago: if I start writing
down one solution to a problem then where does it end. I'll have to
write down solutions to other problems as well).

So I draw the line here:
If the solution can be found by simply reading the README and INSTALL
files that come with most if not every single package, then it's up to
you to just do your homework.

If a solution can't be found in the documentation I'll most likely add
it to the book, but I rather have that the person who fixed a problem
writes a short email about it and it'll become an lfs-hint for the
databas (which i'm working on again).

That way the book can contain purely installation methods and some
explanation what's going on (like why we execute a sed command before
'make' - those things have to be added to the book when the 2.5 dev.
series start) and in the book I can refer to the LFS InfoSystem (or for

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-
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