Pre-lfs question

Guust sputnikc at
Thu Aug 10 13:41:02 PDT 2000


I wanna install a new copy of linux (redhat6.2).. to retry lfs using 
more diskspace and stuff.

Now i got this problem installing lin,ux on a aha2940 UW with a 
seagate cheetah UW hdd from 18 gig
its devided in 3 partition.. i can only use the last one for linux.; 
others are win98
so i have one 5 gig part for linux.; that should do i think.. but now it 
says when beginning install for redhat when u choose the hdd and 
if u wanna use fdisk.. 

it says error /dev/SDA not ready, : device not configured or somthin
it also says somthin bout can't read the partition table. in the error 

anyone knows what the prob could be? 

any suggestions would be welcome.. 

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