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> Have you thought about using exim?  I also had no experience setting up my mail system, but it's documentation helped me through it.  Works fine, lasts long time!

I (and Bryan Dumm, and HIghoS) would recomment Postfix.

Read the notes at, but basically you compile it, install it, and change 1 or 2 options in the config file...that's it..

I am running Sendmail on my server here, and I had to get someone to help me set it up, because I was a complete Sendmail novice, and it is so compilcated to set up. However, the server that is hosting my domain is now running took me like 5 mins max to set up...very nice, no complains, no problems and is suposed to be faster / more reliable / more secure etc than sendmail. tells all  :)

It's definatly worth a read, even if it doesn't convince you...

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