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Jeffery McLean jeffery at
Fri Aug 11 17:34:53 PDT 2000

On Fri, 11 Aug 2000, you wrote:
> I disagree.
> I liked printed material, spend lots of time at the half-price bookstore
> looking for books (find some really goos stuff too- they frequently get current
> version overstock O'Reilly books!!)

Half and half....
Books being smarter than the software industry are able to deal with
"open source" information (libarys.. knowladgable friends... etc)
the web just makes information more available than before...

But like when you want to play Quake you buy the CD
Having that book infront of you is far more convent than a website
(unless the data updates so rapidly that the book is out of date before
it hits print)

But if a collage student (for example) could download all his textbooks for
free to a plam he probably would.

I have old AT&T 3B2 manuals.. one is nothing more than the
printed copy of the 3B2 man pages. But I still use it.

The printed book is becoming a luxury instead of a nessisity
and thats good. Paper will be in less demand. The books will cost less
and be of more and more value.

Having said that. I'm considering getting my hands on some perl books.
I don't need them becouse there is plenty of on-line documentation.
But I'd prefer to have a book occupying real space rather than text
occupying my hard disk.
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