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Fri Aug 11 19:26:28 PDT 2000

"Michael A. Peters" wrote:
> I disagree.
> I liked printed material, spend lots of time at the half-price bookstore
> looking for books (find some really goos stuff too- they frequently get current
> version overstock O'Reilly books!!)
> Look at the O'Reilly book for samba.
> The entire book is available for free online, yet they sell that book like
> wildfire.
> Looking at a screen causes drowsiness and tiredness compared to printed
> documentation.
> On Thu, 18 May 2000, you wrote:
> > I've found that most hardcore techs don't use books anymore, especially when
> > it comes to Linux which is documented so well online that it's almost
> > pointless to buy any books about it.
> >
> > Welcome to the paperless world. ;-)
> > --

There is a lot of research done in this field actually... and again and
again, books beat "online" material hands down. It gets rather complex
-- but in a nutshell, it has to deal with "spatial memory" and how
humans store and remember information.

Printed books, provide a physical "map" if you will, that provides
spatial quantity and relation... umm, you know how when you go to look
something up in a book, to reference something that you can not
remember, you take the book off of the shelf and can ususally open it to
within just a few pages of where you want to be? Or, how you may be
telling someone else where to look for a reference in a book... you can
tell them "About two thirds of the way through the book, it is on the
right hand page, the second paragraph".

Somehow, that spatial relation allows us (humans) to catalog memory in a
like reference relation? I have no idea how... nor do I know if anyone
does? Sorry, I can not provide more insight into the issue... I fall
more into the "amazed that the brain I got even works", more than the
"how does it work?"

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