Building for another machine: Was: Re: unable to open an initial console

Christos Karras ckarras at
Sat Aug 12 11:36:54 PDT 2000

On Wed, 09 Aug 2000, you wrote:
> On 08-07-2000, Christos Karras wrote:
> > 
> > I added --host=i486-pc-linux-gnu to every ./configure command in the lfs docs
> > to compile for my 486, I'll see if everything compiled correctly now that I can
> > boot
> > 
> > On Thu, 03 Aug 2000, you wrote:
> >
> > > you can't just transfer stuff from a pentium to a 486. Are you sure that
> > > each and every program was compiled for a 486 and wasn't compiling using
> > > the pentium optimizations? I'd say run the mountfs script manually from
> > > the 486 and see if it complains about segmentation faults and such
> > > errors. If so, you have to re-compile the affected packages that
> > > contain those programs.
> Christos, how did it go?  I'm interested because my gateway/firewall is
> a 386 with a 80 MB HD currently running Slackware 3.6... and I don't
> even have room for Perl (which most firewall tools seem to be written
> in.)  The perfect candidate for a minimal LFS.

I had a running firewall taking less than 100 megs (including kernel source),
but I couldn't continue using it because fsck kept giving me errors, and I
always had to rebuild the parts of the system that were destroyed by hard drive
failures. But you should be able to make it fit on 80 mb if you just install
what's really necessary.  You could install everything to a directory on a
larger drive, then remove GCC and other developpement tools and cp -ax *
/mnt/the80mbdrive, then create the devices in /dev on the 80 mb drive.

You could also try which is a miny distrubution designed
for proxy/firewalling that fits on an 1.44 megs disk
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