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Sat Aug 12 19:20:14 PDT 2000

Tim wrote:
> Panos Maheras wrote:
> >
> > <....>
> <....>
> >From the very first package installation I've gotten "Permission denied"
> errors trying to run ./configure.  Switch to root and same thing.
> Permissions shouldn't matter when run as root, right?
> I've gotten around that by unpacking the sources into my root partition
> and building them there, but I didn't want to do that for the kernel as
> I'm still running 2.2.13.  (No reason... I just never upgraded, never
> felt the need to.)
> Well, 'make depmod' ended with 'Permission denied.'  And I stopped there
> and decided I had to deal with the real problem, why I can't even run
> configure on packages on a mounted partition.
> Here's my lfs fstab line:
> /dev/hda3      /mnt/lfs   ext2    noauto,user  0 0

The `user' mount flag implies `noexec' (among others) which would be
your problem. See mount(8) for details.

> <....>

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