gpm --> was RE: Chapter 7, 'Creating the /etc/init.d/ethnetscript'

sklein at sklein at
Sat Aug 12 19:26:08 PDT 2000

"Craig M. Reece" wrote:
> The basic trick with gpm is that it wants TeX installed to create the
> documentation which is really silly since the man pages and info files are
> already there. I editted the Makefile to remove the doc directory and that
> got rid of the errors, of course I had to manually install the man pages
> etc... (thus the need for a written hint :)

You can also prevent this by doing `touch doc/*' before `make'.

Oh, and don't forget to figure out the correct argument to the `-t'
option. (That was my first problem.) In my case it's `ps2' so i
start it like this:

gpm -t ps2

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