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Sat Aug 12 20:32:58 PDT 2000

brendan strejcek wrote:
> > I agree, i hate looking at anything on a screen, and if it is longer than an
> > A4 page, will print it off.  I hate online referance manuals, as i can never
> > find the paragraph i want, where as in my paper back books, i can always
> > find the relevant paragraph -- usually instantally. (i can still find a
> > reference in some books (namley the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy), where
> > it has been many years since i read them (reading them only once))
> >
> > so here is to paper publications !
> >
> > Dave
> i don't know anything about neurology or cog sci, but i feel like online
> references are more to my liking. in fact, i sometimes become restless
> when reading a paper book, constantly checking the abount of pages i have
> left in a section and such. esp. with computer books, i couldn't get around
> without cut & paste.
> i'm 19 and have been reading documentation online for as long as i have been
> using computers, so maybe it has something to do with your environment
> during a certain part of your life. i will grant that display technlogies
> need to improve to threaten printing, esp. for portable media like paperbacks.

I also prefer reading online.

I'm also young (21), read stuff online constantly, and books rarely.

It is learned for me. When i started things didn't mean as much when
read on screen. Now, if anything, the reverse is true.

I also find i'm not happy when forced to scroll by full pages, and
document organization is very important. I'm guessing i use those
things to form my map of the document.

> </slightly off-topic post>

And another. The "me too" urge runs to deep in me :)

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