problem to Install lilo & sysklogd

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Sun Aug 13 11:41:48 PDT 2000

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> In installing, Error message is that LFS system don' have headerfile like 
> autoconf.h

please tell us exactly
1. when does the error come (like: I gave the command "blah blah")
2. what is the text of the error message you get

> I use Redhat 6.2 (Korean patched) .. so I copied auto.conf in Redhat
> to LFS system.. but I met errors.
> not find /boot/kernel.h

1. autoconf.h is a header file, auto.conf is a configuration file
-. these are two very different files 
-. these files do not have anything to do with each other

2. normally you cannot just copy files from one distribution to the other
-. sometimes the files must be in a certain directory, so programs find them
-. you decide about that when building (maybe RH decided differently)

3. I know RH is sometimes doing their own thing but I cannot imagine that
-. /boot/kernel.h is the correct message. 
-. the /boot directory should not contain header files.

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