m4 and autoconf

John Phillips lfs at linux.demon.co.uk
Mon Aug 14 00:41:47 PDT 2000

Dennis J Perkins wrote

> I had problems earlier trying to compile autoconf when m4 was compiled
> dynamically ...

FYI, I have now found out that this exact problem was recognized as
a bug in m4 as early as 13 November 1998 (see the email of that date
on the GNU bug-m4 mailing list from Joseph S. Myers).  It is on the
maintainer's TO DO list at:


However, don't hold your breath for the next stable release.  

The problem only happens if you compile m4 with glibc-2.1 and run it
on a 2.0 kernel.  The old kernel does not support some of the new glibc
functions and m4 makes a mistake when the kernel returns ENOSYS to say so.

There was a patch posted on 10 Jan 2000 by Andreas Schwab which may help.
I haven't tried it since the "static compile" work-around is effective.

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