strange:gcc install after chroot

Erik B Beall bealle at
Mon Aug 14 14:09:06 PDT 2000

I'm not on the list, so if anyone knows what this is, please reply to me as well,
cause this is really strange.

I have been having a problem with gcc immediately after the chroot.  Specifically,
I type ../gcc-2.95.2/configure --prefix (and so on) and the error comes back: 

bash:../gcc-2.95.2/configure: No such file or directory

Tab-completion works on this file and others, I have tried running configure from
other directories also, like bash-2.04 or sed-3.02, and the same type of error
comes up.  I can run programs that are in the /bin directory, and the configure
files are indeed executable.  I have installed all the necessary files to this
point.  Has anyone seen anything like this before?  

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