"Roll Your Own Linux" ISO available

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Aug 15 06:04:07 PDT 2000

> Sounds like a great idea - any way of making it available on CD ?

That's actually going to be one of the services LFS is going to offer in
the near future. As soon as 2.4 has been released (9 days from now) I'm
going to start on the ALFS project myself. We've done some research but
haven't done anything serious yet. That's going to change in a week or

Part of the ALFS services is a CD that we're going to make available at
cost-price (the price of a cd-r + the cost of shipping & handling) that
has the ALFS tool on it, the documentation (LFS-BOOK and other
relevant HOWTO's and Guides - or all of LDP's howto's/guides if there's
room which I'm sure there will be) and the source packages (since the
ALFS tool is going to compile from source as well).

Specific details will be made available when we know more. My first
LFS priority is to finish up the LFS-2.4 book.

Btw, I've split the book up into two different books. It has taken a lot
of work to accomplish (it sounds easier than it actually is) but it's
ready now. Now I just have to see if the right chapters ended up in the
right book and stuff like that.

Gerard Beekmans

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