"Roll Your Own Linux" ISO available

Greg T Hill greghill at terranova.net
Tue Aug 15 06:26:12 PDT 2000

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> > Sounds like a great idea - any way of making it available on CD ?
> That's actually going to be one of the services LFS is going to offer in
> the near future. As soon as 2.4 has been released (9 days from now) I'm
> going to start on the ALFS project myself. We've done some research but
> haven't done anything serious yet. That's going to change in a week or
> two.

I was wondering about ALFS, checked the archives and all I see is HighOS

> Part of the ALFS services is a CD that we're going to make available at
> cost-price (the price of a cd-r + the cost of shipping & handling)

I hope you a least add some lunch money to the handling cost,  a la

> that
> has the ALFS tool on it, the documentation (LFS-BOOK and other
> relevant HOWTO's and Guides - or all of LDP's howto's/guides if there's
> room which I'm sure there will be) and the source packages (since the
> ALFS tool is going to compile from source as well).

The  bash tutorial I posted a link to a while back  has some scripts
containing the rudiments
of an auto-compile-from-source system.  Might get some ideas from there.

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