Reboot problem

Keith Shapiro kshapiro at
Tue Aug 15 11:53:16 PDT 2000

> What book are you reading? I'm not sure if I fixed such a bug from 2.3.7
> (I know I've fixed a similar bug before).

It was 2.3.7.
> Edit your /etc/init.d/rc file and put an echo as the first line saying:
> echo "RC script executed..."

*snip*  I had a typo from where I typed in the rc script.  Thanks for the
tip. Everything looks to be running now.

Quick question:  do you intend to add support for basic utilities to get a
machine up and running on a network (i.e. the inetutils package)?  I got
mine up without too much trouble, but I also had a lot of running machines
to rogue files from.  Some people might benefit from simple setup of
things like inetd.conf.

Thanks again,

Keith S.

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