Adding inetutils to LFS? (was Re: Reboot problem)

Greg T Hill greghill at
Wed Aug 16 03:02:17 PDT 2000

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> > inetutils contains:
> >
> > telnet, ftp, rsh, rcp, rlogin, tftp, syslog, talk
> > inetd, ftpd, rshd, rlogind, telnetd, uucpd, rexecd, syslogd, tftpd, talkd

Except for syslog(d), all of the above are unnecessary functionally and most
are security risks.   I installed inetd on my LFS system believing it to be a
good thing, it's standard, right? When I looked at my finished inetd.conf file,
I realized it did absolutely nothing. I run samba, nfs, and ssh as standalones.
I removed inetd.

> It's my opinion that a system is crippled when telnet is present. You
> really don't want to run that security risc. You really want to use ssh.

> Amen! ssh, scp,  vnc over ssh right to your home X desktop.  Is that
> crippled?

> > While I realize that for some people inetd is overkill, I think it would
> > be nice to have a LFS system that not only initializes the eth0 interface,
> > but also puts up a telnet daemon or ftp daemon so that authorized users
> > can get to their machine remotely.

....and unauthorized users as well, been there, done that, somebody stole my

> No need for inetd as most apps can run stand alone as well which most
> people prefer (and most systems nowadays don't have to concider the
> small amount of resources you save by using inetd - it takes a bit more
> in resources but you get a faster response time when running standalone
> which is better for me)

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