Adding inetutils to LFS? (was Re: Reboot problem)

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Wed Aug 16 07:45:33 PDT 2000

+-Keith Shapiro-(kshapiro at[16.08.00 13:57]:
> I asked: 
> > Quick question:  do you intend to add support for basic utilities to
> > get a machine up and running on a network (i.e. the inetutils package)? 
> To which Gerard replied:
> >Depends. What does inetutils contain?
> inetutils contains:
> telnet, ftp, rsh, rcp, rlogin, tftp, syslog, talk
> inetd, ftpd, rshd, rlogind, telnetd, uucpd, rexecd, syslogd, tftpd, talkd

Talking about security lately - you really don't want to run ANY of
those services :)

Used ssh for telnet, rsh, rlogin and such, scp for ftp (okay - you need
ftp for anonymous users) and rcp ... Don't even think of the
r-services anyway...

If you need one of those install them _seperately_ from the
netkit-base-location... (or get better ftpds like proftpd, wu-ftpd (both
vulnerable in older versions...))

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