A couple of notes about latest LFS

atark atark at thepipeline.net
Thu Aug 17 23:11:24 PDT 2000

I've noticed a couple of things during my latest LFS build. Hopefully I got
these right.  I have to reboot to Red Hat for my email at the moment. 

1. Need to add --enable-shared to configure line for binutils.

2. Even then libiberty still get only gets compiled static.

3. I believe make -e should still be required for binutils and bzip2 to get

4. Using the book, you don't get man pages for diff.  (I think there are a few
others but I inadvertently killed my man directory on my LFS system, tar jumps
to mind also but I'm not sure.)

5. I saw someone mention a packaging system, I prefer to use pkgtool from
Slackware.  Very simple, just a couple of shell scripts.  Seems to fit nicely
with the LFS philosophy.  It's a little work but very flexible.  

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