Some words after the fist login

PIERRE_Serge at PIERRE_Serge at
Fri Aug 18 09:25:56 PDT 2000

So yet it's work.
I edit all the script with vi and after corrections of all the typos, I can
say Ihave learn a lot by this way. Better than if the paste and copy had
I made a test with a bad rc script I obtain via paste and copy. I edit it
and write at the beginning :
echo "Ca marche"

I ran it and obtain that :

Ca marche
: command not found
: No such file or directory

So that's sure that there's some invisible caracters.

All the typos in the book have also learn me many things. Don't made it too
perfect  ;-).


My starting Linux  was Looplinux , a minimal distribution installed on the
msdos partition its swap partition were on the image file and when I made
the lfs partition I made also a swap partition. I ve had trouble with the
fsck script :

Actvating swap...Unable to found swap-space signature

It's initiated many other defaults after this fault.

I fix that by running mkswap -a. I think some advertising on that can be
insert in the chapter 4 or with the description of the fsck script.

I have had the problem <none> login : . In my case, it was because the link
S03localnet was not in the good directory.

Have a happy week-end.

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