REQ.: Ideas for LFS advocacy

Jonathan Wilson wilson at
Mon Aug 21 19:36:09 PDT 2000

Ok, I've only been on the list a week or too, but you see, it DOES cover 
NFS, BIND, Apache, sendmail, ProFTPd, X 4, and whatever....even config 
tools like Linuxconf (if you please().....because I see LFS as more then a 
book and mailing list :-)

I decided to build my own system from scratch long before I even heard abut, and the goal (for me) was to do _each thing_ one 
package at a time, compiled from source, and read all the docs as I went. 
It didn't matter what I installed, whatever I want, I"m going to install in 
the same manner - compiled from source.

So the Official LFS is just a starting point for a Whole Gnu Way of doing 
Linux (for me at least)   :)

My $0.02

Keith Wrote:

>I don't know how hard the tests would be, but they do cover a broad 
>range.  LFS gets you
>involved in kernel compilation, inittab and runlevel scripts, syslogd 
>config, etc.  There
>are other areas it does not deal with, such as printing, NFS, BIND and 

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