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Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Tue Aug 22 02:13:26 PDT 2000

+-andru sprott-(andru at btinternet.com)-[22.08.00 06:29]:
> windows has prompted me to try lfs again, so i'm goin to
> use 2.3.7. but one thing, i notice from this list that many
> errors are in the book, but there don't seem to be any
> corrections made to it.

There are many corrections, but Gerard does not make "service packs"
available... Just wait for the next stable release and nearly everything
should be fixed. BTW. 2.4 is going to come in less than a week.

Or browse through the list-archive from the day G announced  the last
version.  All Bugs are described there mostly (always) with a solution.

> if possible could you still support the 'older' versions with
> their own versions, much the same way that m$ supports
> 3.1, 95, 98 etc.

I think that would be a little heavy - maintaining this kind of book is
quite much work. And especially - a book-version is not such a big
change like 3.1 to 95 e.g. The minor version-number changes are a kind
of bugfix or improvements...
> and will the 'optional' section re-appear in the near future,
> cos lfs has the makin of a really different distribution, like
> my idea for network setups. not that i suggest sellin it,
> but it could make a great candidate for a magaine
> cover disk. in particular dvd cover disks.

I don't think that it will re-appear. It is going to be replaced by

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