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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Aug 22 11:39:25 PDT 2000

> 	Here's somthing I don't see discussed to much:  What to tell the person who
> says, "Why should I go to the trouble, instead of just installing RH, Deb,
> Slak, etc..."?  I've thought of a few reasons myself:  Learn somthing,
> performance, "exactly how you want it", stability, ease of cutomization.
> I'm sure there's other reasons too, in a more detailed sense.  I also think
> it might be good to come up with an LFS-Advocacy-mini-HOWTO, which I would
> be willing to write, givin some input.  Not coincedentaly I schedualed
> myself to make a presentation on LFS at my local Linux users group at the
> september meeting.  I know there's interest in the group (people have
> mentioned it some) but maybe they've been reluctent to give it a go.

Such things should be in the preface of the book under the heading "why
you would want to install LFS" (and also "why you would not want to
install LFS"). Please, if you would want to write something up, go right
ahead and send me the text. I"ll insert it in the book. When it's too
too much text, a seperate mini-howto might be desirable.

Gerard Beekmans

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