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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Aug 22 13:12:09 PDT 2000

> i believe the archives are up to date.  both the ftp mandatory diectory
> and mail archives have been updated within the last week.

Ok great, thanks.

btw what mailinglist archive software do you use right now Paul? And are
you happy with it, or is it one of those "it works, but i don't have the
time to find a better one at the moment" programs.
> gerard has said he planned on moving his website and mail list elsewhere -
> i have no problem with this, but i do not plan on taking my site down.

I hoped you wouldn't ;) As we agreed on you'll still be a full mirror
site and I plan on using that (especially the the more ftp mirrors the
better). I'm looking forward to seeing that lfs users site.

> lfs (like linux) will grow best if more people are involved.  hopefully
> having serveral lfs websites will help.

Totally agreed upon.

Btw, about the website stuff: I'm going to start using the site Richard
Stellingwerff designed (aka Remenic on IRC) which requires mirrors to
run mysql and php. Now I'm just wondering what the best thing is to do:
have one central mysql server and have mirrors connect to it to retrieve
the data or have every server have their own mysql installed. The latter
would be better, I think, as it eases the load. No remote connections
need to be made to load a website.

A central mysql installation eases the mirror updates. Nobody needs to
transfer html files anymore when a new book has been released. A simple
change in the mysql database means that each and every mirror site will
be updated immediately. Having a local mysql installation requires me
sending new database files after every update.

Does anybody have any ideas on this? Especially how bandwidth consuming
mysql is. There won't be transfered a lot of data, just little chunks to
fill in the variable spots of the website (like version number,
filenames of the downloadable books and such). With persistant
connections I don't think it would become a heavy burden. I still have
to read the mysql&msql book published by O'Reilly but if anybody has
experience with this, please share them. 

Gerard Beekmans

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