a little requiest

Paul Jensen pe at fs6.pcrentals.com
Tue Aug 22 19:26:15 PDT 2000

> btw what mailinglist archive software do you use right now Paul? And are
> you happy with it, or is it one of those "it works, but i don't have the
> time to find a better one at the moment" programs.

it is not the best software, but works ok.  i would not pick it again.   
instead of just copying what i have done, do something better.  maybe an
web based mail list.  if you can not do better - just put a link to my
site until you can come up with something that out performs it.

lets do things that add to the lfs base.  for instance, i would not
rewrite your book.  that would be a waste of time.  there is already one
that works well enough.

lfs is wide open for improvement: nls support (internationalization),
automated installation (alfs), network programs setup (apache, sendmail,
nfs, ip masquerading, samba, net time, bandwidth limiting, majordomo, ftp,
pppd, ssh, cron, rsync, firewall, port sentry, tripwire).  just to get
the desktop started, there is X, gnome or kde, and netscape.  these areas
go way beyond the lfs book, yet it seems that there is a lot of interest
in these areas.  

the basic lfs install in quite easy now - most problems have been solved
(except for typos and not following the book closely enough).  now we need
to go forward from this.

where will lfs be a year from now?  will it have anything from the list
above or will it be the same with a newer kernel and file versions?

paul jensen
lfs ftp/news/mail archive admin

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