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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Aug 23 04:56:27 PDT 2000

> lets do things that add to the lfs base.  for instance, i would not
> rewrite your book.  that would be a waste of time.  there is already one
> that works well enough.

You can always try it, perhaps you find a better way of doing things.
> the basic lfs install in quite easy now - most problems have been solved
> (except for typos and not following the book closely enough).  now we need
> to go forward from this.
> where will lfs be a year from now?  will it have anything from the list
> above or will it be the same with a newer kernel and file versions?

I hope that the LFS InfoSystem will make this difference, as well as the
ALFS project. The book gives you the basics and with help of ALFS
profiles and InfoSystem articles you can continue your "LFS Quest" by
setting up X and stuff. Although there are good howto/guides on how to
setup X, Gnome, Sendmail and other stuff, some special notes for LFS
systems never hurts. I plan to expand and add a lot, but let's first get
the basics right. After 2.4 is released these other things can start.
I'll continue on the InfoSystem with help from whoever feels like
helping out.

"Will it have anything from the list above or will it be the same with a
newer kernel and file versions?". To answer that question: the book will
most likely have the same with newer versions. The rest, like said
above, will be in infosystem as far as I can see. Then again, who knows
what will happen in a year. Perhaps LFS will be distributed as some sort
of a mini-webserver that has the book as HTML files present and also the
entire LFS InfoSystem in it (the only thing the user needs to install
would be php and mysql or something like that). A lot can happen, let's
see what 2.5 brings us. 2.3 brought us chroot which was a big and
welcome change. 2.5 will at some point contain the 2.4 kernel hopefully
which bring welcome changes as well which will change the book. Like
Gandalf says: worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Tomorrow will bring new
tidings. Let's first see what today brings.

Ok that doesn't work all the time, I do look ahead. Am just telling I
failed my fortune telling course in college.

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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