I think we're missing something...

David D.W. Downey david.downey at codecastle.com
Wed Aug 23 10:00:43 PDT 2000

> That is why I wish the how-to had more explinations of why and discussions
> of options, rather than be just a list of instructions that if followed
> blindly leads to a copy of Gerards system. Why is package X installed before
> Y? Why is one configuration choice made instead of another? How did you get
> to where you are in LFS system design.  

He's not teaching Linux computing course. He's giving instructions on how
to set up a base Linux system which has been sorely lacking for years now.

> Don't get me wrong, I love the book, however most of my learning has been
> when I made a mistake or typo, and not from the book directly.

I love the book to which is why I use it. But you are under a false
impression here. You seem to think that the book is supposed to keep you
from making mistakes. It's not. The typos and the mistakes and the pain of
sitting there and getting ffrustrated over something not quite working
right or the hours spent pouring over the source code trying to track an
elusive bug is what makes (and guarentees) sure that you don't end up with
Gerard Linux copy # 102,452,399,956

Linux is about learning just as much as it is about freedom of expression
and freedom from one specific mentality on how things "should be". Linux
is not, nor will it ever be, a short order cookbook on generics. 

Even colleges are catching on to the fact that the best learning tool
known is letting students make their mistakes via experimentation.
A book is meant soley as a travel guide. Not a detailed treasure map.

I don't mean this mean spiritedly... If you want the rules laid out for
you, stick to a pre-rolled distribution. You won;t have nearly the growing
pains you will from Gerard's book. Gerard wrote the book for the explorers
out here. Those that are tired of the normal everyday Linux but didn't
know where to start in order to create their own expressions. It's a guide
book to the starting point. The fun comes in where you go from there.

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