I think we're missing something...

Frank Lepore flepor at erols.com
Wed Aug 23 12:23:16 PDT 2000

"David D.W. Downey" wrote:
> > That is why I wish the how-to had more explinations of why and discussions
> > of options, rather than be just a list of instructions that if followed
> > blindly leads to a copy of Gerards system. Why is package X installed before
> > Y? Why is one configuration choice made instead of another? How did you get
> > to where you are in LFS system design.
> >
> He's not teaching Linux computing course. He's giving instructions on how
> to set up a base Linux system which has been sorely lacking for years now.

True, but explanations would be very interesting indeed. Gerard needn't
be the one to do it, though. LFS is a fascinating enough project that
I'm sure someone else will jump in eventually and fill in the background
material. Even just going through the archives and summarizing the
discussions would be enlightening to many. It might even short-ciruit
the CRON thread (which I'm sorely tempted to jump into).


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