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Greg T Hill greghill at terranova.net
Wed Aug 23 12:23:58 PDT 2000

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

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> > pains you will from Gerard's book. Gerard wrote the book for the explorers
> > out here. Those that are tired of the normal everyday Linux but didn't
> > know where to start in order to create their own expressions. It's a guide
> > book to the starting point. The fun comes in where you go from there.
> Well said, and that's what my idea behind it is. But I do agree that the
> book lacks explanations. I was planning on adding it to 2.4 but I ran
> out of time. Immigration sped up, got a job sooner than expected and
> more of those things that took up my time, so I postponed those things
> for the 2.5 development series. What is going to be added are, among
> others, a dependency list what package depends on what (and where
> possible why it depends on it - from that you learn a lot why you need
> to have bison installed. The descriptions in the appendix isn't clear
> when it comes to these things, unless you have a lot of experience and
> can make a guess, but it won't be more than a guess). Also I'll start
> explaining why we sometimes use alternative installation methods, like
> running sed on Makefile before compiling it, why we set the CPPFLAGS
> variable before running configure from time to time and more of that.
> It's all on the TODO list for 2.5.
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> Gerard Beekmans
> www.linuxfromscratch.org
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I was just typing a message saying that I agreed with both when Gerard's
response popped up, so instead I'll just whine once more for comments in the
boot scripts.....part of what got me into LFS was spending about a week
figuring out that about 80% of my Caldera /etc did nothing at all on my
installation, and 80% of what WAS used was so full of convoluted efforts at
covering all possible scenarios (without explanation) and magic values
generated by COAS (WARNING: DO NOT EDIT) that it may as well have been a
Windows Registry.  And just as much fun to troubleshoot.  It's much more
difficult to fix something when you have to figure out what (if
anything) something does, if you even have what this thing is supposed to work
its magic on, decipher variables supplied  by functions with unexplained select
statements based on the values of other unexplained functions which operate
based on the value of a config file which is described by the value of another
variable.....  As far as clarity and being able to track what a program does,
I've seen better in GWBASIC, line numbers, GOTO's and all .   The only way
I was able to decipher what was going on was by inserting a bunch of "echo
<what and where>  >> myboot.log" statements.  I haven't updated my boot scripts
to 2.3.7  because the ones I have work, I know why they work, and they are
about 50% comments, so if I come back to them a year from now I won't look a
them and go WTFITS?!?

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