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David Lautenschlager david.lautenschlager at mcdata.com
Wed Aug 23 13:03:58 PDT 2000

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From: David D.W. Downey [mailto:david.downey at codecastle.com]
>He's not teaching Linux computing course. He's giving instructions on how
>to set up a base Linux system which has been sorely lacking for years now.

I agree, but he dose profess to teach you how to make your own system, in
fact, that is his usual argument when people ask him to add stuff that is in
a "regular distribution", he says make your own the way you want it.

>I love the book to which is why I use it. But you are under a false
>impression here. You seem to think that the book is supposed to keep you
>from making mistakes. It's not. The typos and the mistakes and the pain of
>sitting there and getting ffrustrated over something not quite working
>right or the hours spent pouring over the source code trying to track an
>elusive bug is what makes (and guarentees) sure that you don't end up with
>Gerard Linux copy # 102,452,399,956

I am not under a false impression. I don't think any book can prevent typo's
and mistakes, but if the book contained more theory, it would be a better
learning aid.

>Linux is about learning just as much as it is about freedom of expression
>and freedom from one specific mentality on how things "should be". Linux
>is not, nor will it ever be, a short order cookbook on generics. 

EXACTLY! the How-to should teach principles which enable freedom, not just
be a cookbook.

>Even colleges are catching on to the fact that the best learning tool
>known is letting students make their mistakes via experimentation.
>A book is meant soley as a travel guide. Not a detailed treasure map.

The how-o we have now is more of a detailed treasure map than a travel
guide. Since the treasure is so great, it makes it a great how-to, but it
would be even better it included the travel guide.

In short you misunderstood me.  I do not want just the recipe. I want to be
an explorer, not just an imitator. I want to understand, not just copy.
Gerard understands this, and that is why he included the data on what each
package contains after each installation instruction.

I guess what I am saying is Gerard wet my appetite, and now I want more.
Kind of like when your favorite author writes a great novel, and you want
sequels as fast as you can read them even though it is impossible for any
writer to write them as fast as you can read them.



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