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Well, it still can't find it as /lib/
The manpage for the version of ld installed says "-l(ar) looks for a file
"lib(ar).a" which I assume is not the same thing as lib(ar).so

The manpage for the current ld reads exactly the same, so it's not because
of an old version of ld.  Hmm...

I'm guessing that since it is trying to link to a static library, rather
than pulling in from the shared object, it is because of my flags used
during compile.  Here they are...any idea what they should be?

./configure \
  --prefix=/$DEST \
  --datadir=/$DEST/bison   <- temporary location
make LDFLAGS=-static
make \
  prefix=$LFS/$DEST \
  datadir=$LFS/$DEST/bison \

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> And here's the kicker:  The bison compile fails, with an error "ld: cannot
> open -lc: no such file or directory"

-lc is your C library and expands into

what does redhat 4.2 use? libc-5.x I guess. Are there files like
/lib/ ?

perhaps there are /lib/ - if so, make symlink from to

> By the way, is there a fairly complete package dependency list out there
> already, or should I build one as I go?

I'm working on it. A proper list is obtained by installing one package,
satisfy dependencies and then remove all installed package and start
from scratch. If you say "ok bison needs flex so install flex" and let
flex be, you might not notice a second package that needs flex too, so
after flex is installed to satisfy bison, remove flex and bison and go
on the next package. That's a time consuming process. But I'm getting
there slowly but steadily.

Gerard Beekmans

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