Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Thu Aug 24 07:16:18 PDT 2000

+-Walter H. Trent-(walter at[24.08.00 08:37]:
> hello,
> I have a dec alpha (multia) currently running redhat, sometime next week after i get another hd/more memory i ordered (plus 2.4 is out) i'm gonna try lfs on it...  i know i've heard others mention other architectures, but has anybody tried it?  anything special i have to do, or can i just go straight off the intel book?

I am trying to install RH on an older SparcStation IPX to install LFS
from that, but it keeps complaining about "broken media" - I think the
SparcStation is not able to read a burned CD...

I will tell you if I get this thingie installed.

Let me rethink that - wouldn't it be possible to use gcc on the sparc to
compile the static LFS?


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