going off (was: SNIP missing something...)

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at gmx.de
Thu Aug 24 12:15:15 PDT 2000

( Don, 24 Aug 2000 ) Serguei Ostrovskii <-- :
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> It is really amazing ... An individual asks his peers in the mailing list for
> help... "Guys, how to set up a cron ? Which one to choose ?"
> And receives about 20 messages of utter bullshit - "what should be in the book,
> what the theoretically clean way is, what philosophical implications are, etc."
> Does anybody remembers what the original message was about ?
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1. the answer was not far away
2. if another tree runs into general discussion that's okay.

What would be the alternative you could like, then?
Freeze the book, turn the results of the mailinglist into a faq and that's it.
No more repeating questions, no more different views for or against.

I myself do not want a mailinglist which is just question-answer-play.
I like to hear all the ideas people get when one question arises, and the next
one and all the pros and cons. That is what makes the whole project living.


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