error in loading shared libraries...

Dan daniel.ranger at
Sat Aug 26 12:36:05 PDT 2000

> First off all these kind of messages are supposed to go on the
> lfs-discuss list. It's ok now, but next time when you have problems with
> commands mentioned in the book, use lfs-discuss.

Sorry... i'm going to be a good guy now... :-)

> Right, but you're looking at the wrong file. when you get the message
> after 'chroot' you have to look at the bash file in the chroot
> environment, so you should do:
> ldd $LFS/bin/bash
> and that one is supposed to be static (there are no other libraries like
> ncurses installed yet). It cleary isn't a static version, so that means
> you probably haven't build the static bash version properly. Read the
> 2.3.7 book again, remove the bash source tree, unpack it again and
> follow the instructions carefully.

I knew I was just being stupid here... (i'm a Linux newbie)
Thanks alot because for answering my question anyway.
I actually thought it would be something I had done wrong because like i
said because I tried with 2 major distributions and got the same results...
I'll give it a try...


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