Static Link Compile of diff and sed

SL slillis at
Sat Aug 26 18:28:11 PDT 2000

Hi, I have been building an LFS system here.  I am using the LFS Howto
2.2(stable) as a guide.  I am having trouble getting diff(2.7) and
sed(3.02) to compile with statically linked libraries on my systems(I've
tried it on SuSE 6.4 and Slackware 7.1).   The Howto suggested this may
be a problem and provided(as a fix) the following two links:

I couldn't find these files or figure out how to get around the problem
otherwise.  Anyone else dealt with this, or know versions of libraries I
can install to get these to work?  Or are these fixed versions still out
there somewhere??  I browsed the index of the download directory, with
no luck.
Any help would be appreciated.  I can provide specific error information
if needed.

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