Static Link Compile of diff and sed

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Sat Aug 26 20:29:05 PDT 2000


> Sorry Jesse, shadowfax beat you to it. And And
> And (all boxes I built the last weeks) ;)
> I'm 'fraid you have to settle for 5th. Those 4 boxes mentioned need to
> be kept up-to-date so even before 2.4 is released those boxes are fully
> 2.4 compliant.

Hrm.. i'm talking _after_ you released 2.4 (and it's "official") i'll have the
frist build done... i don't care much, i'm just too lazy right now to bother
installing it on my laptop..and i want have plans to work on =P

When 2.4 is release, we will see i guess *winks*

> I think Ian is going to be the last to have 2.4 installed. At the rate
> he is going on his xyz box (Ian what kind is it again? m86k?) it'll take
> him literally a month. Didn't gcc take 17 hours to compile and didn't we
> estimate that Glibc is going to need 48 to 72 hours to compile?

Glibc... i say at least 4 days i'd almost say a month... *G*

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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