probs with building the shadow pwd suite (and fix!)

Jason Gurtz jason at
Mon Aug 28 07:06:26 PDT 2000

This post mainly just to add to the searchable archives in case anyone else
ever has this issue.

during compilation of the shadow-19990827 suite i got this error:

pwdcheck.c:64 `stderr' undefined (first use of this function)

the file is: .../shadow-19990827/libmisc/pwdcheck.c

it seems no one has had this issue on the list before...

Now, I'm not a programmer, but, if you look at the line it appears to be
just a function to say to standard error that you didn't type the right
password.  to me "stderr" seemed like somthing that should be 'built in'.  i
once had started reading this book, "Learn C in 21 Days."  at the top of
almost every source file in the book was an include that is missing from
pwdcheck.c  I see it in quite a few other sources too.

add to the top:

#include <stdio.h>

and your prob will be solved



| Jason at |

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