LFS 2.4.0 Success

richard at urusai.localnet.rcl richard at urusai.localnet.rcl
Mon Aug 28 14:20:48 PDT 2000

I have modified my install scripts to match LFS 2.4.0, and it
worked first time! I stopped the script during the optional
installations, rebooted and a few simple tests worked.

The book is great Gerard, thanks for all the hard work.

I am now back in my old 2.3.7 install, to let the script
put all my optional stuff in place. Then 2.4.0 can get
a real tests: running X, alsa, e-mail, browser and
compiling LFS 2.4.0

If all goes well, the updated script goes on my web site
tomorrow. (The one there now is based on LFS 2.3.7)



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