Great find, but now I need help...

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Great find, but now I need help...I'm in a similar situation - except the
floppy drive doesn't work on the laptop I have.  =/  At least it has Win
3.11 and some communications software installed on it so I can probably pull
a boot image down and a little freeware program I came across called
Partition Manager (not to be confused with the commercial Partition
Magic...) that can do non-destructive repartitioning.

I don't know about your laptops, but mine only has a 120 meg HD, so I was
planning on doing all the compiling on my main PC then transferring the
binaries over.  Fortunately the next version of LFS is supposed to list
dependencies, so that'll make it easier for me to pick and choose what to
bring over (for example, I probably wouldn't transfer stuff like make and
gcc over).  My goal is to at least be able to squish a minimal X
installation and a few games...

Which reminds me, does anyone know of any disk compression software for
Linux, such as Drivespace on DOS/Windows?  That would be a big help in
stretching that 120 megs as far as possible.

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  I just happened to find that my work was throwing away two laptops, both
compaq 486/25 machines.  That will be great for running a scaled down linux.

  However, it is so old, it doesn't have a CD-ROM drive, nor PCMCIA
connections.  All it has is a floppy drive and a hard disk of unknown size.
Any suggestions of how I might be able to get Linux on there?  Maybe a linux
boot disk that allows me to PPP over a serial connection to my other linux
box?  It'd be a slow link, but then everything on that system will be slow,
so what's the big deal?

  Thoughts, suggestions, tips?

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