David D.W. Downey david.downey at codecastle.com
Mon Aug 28 16:51:08 PDT 2000

> And everyone else i know is running 2.4, just like a year and a half ago with 2.2...
> Yes it's stable and it has alot of nice things (better SMP support!) but if it's that stable when why don't they stop playing around and go gold... features can always be added.

KiXO Linux has been using 2.4.0-test6 since almost the very beginning. I
had to use 2.2.16 to get the system to a point that I could install KiXO
Linux onto another partition then I converted everything to 2.4. We
actually have KiXO Linux running stably on a reiserfs partition now!

The only problems I've seen with 2.4 at all is the PCMCIA support and an
occational unexplained lockup under heavy load. 
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