Simon Perreault nomis80 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 28 19:43:37 PDT 2000

> Not on my end at least. I just installed a Glibc
> version and it does
> install a few things in /usr/share/locale, but not
> the en_US and other
> things. To get them all a make
> localedata/install-locales is needed.

You sure about that? You've seen a change before and
after you typed "make localedata/install-locales"? Cuz
I didn't use it, and it worked fine with just the
localedef command. Anyway, even if you keep the "make
..." part, you still need the localedef command.
Remove the "make ..." part only if you're sure it
creates things. But add the localedef command.

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