Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Aug 28 20:25:01 PDT 2000

> You sure about that? You've seen a change before and
> after you typed "make localedata/install-locales"? Cuz
> I didn't use it, and it worked fine with just the
> localedef command. Anyway, even if you keep the "make
> ..." part, you still need the localedef command.
> Remove the "make ..." part only if you're sure it
> creates things. But add the localedef command.

without the make localedata command:
gerard:~$ ls /usr/share/locale/
.   cs  de_AT  en_US  es  fr  hr  it  ko            nl  pl  pt_BR  sk
..  de  el     eo     et  gl  id  ja  locale.alias  no  pt  ru     sl

gerard:~$ ls /usr/share/locale/
.      de_BE  en_IE  fr     hr_HR  ko            pl            sk_SK
..     de_CH  en_US  fr_BE  hu_HU  locale.alias  pl_PL         sl
af_ZA  de_DE  en_ZW  fr_CA  id     lt_LT         pt            sl_SI
ar_SA  de_LU  eo     fr_CH  in_ID  lv_LV         pt_BR         sr_YU
ca_ES  el     es     fr_FR  is_IS  mk_MK         pt_PT         sv
cs     el_GR  es_ES  fr_LU  it     nl            ro_RO         sv_FI
cs_CZ  en_AU  et     ga     it_CH  nl_BE         ru            sv_SE
da     en_BW  et_EE  ga_IE  it_IT  nl_NL         ru_RU         th_TH
da_DK  en_CA  eu_ES  gl     iw_IL  no            ru_RU.KOI8-R  tr_TR
de     en_DK  fi_FI  gl_ES  ja     no at nynorsk    ru_UA         uk_UA
de_AT  en_GB  fo_FO  hr     kl_GL  no_NO         sk            zh

before: it does't accept ISO-8859-1 files and such. after: it does
accept them. Conclusion: i need to execute it in order for localedef to

Yes, localedef is added to the 2.4 book.

Gerard Beekmans

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