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Serguei Ostrovskii sostrovs at kns.com
Tue Aug 29 13:03:53 PDT 2000

andru sprott wrote:

> > Let's make a deal: you find every error you can find in the LFS-Book.
> Then,
> > after you're finished, if you apply the same reasoning as you applied in
> the
> > previous paragraph, you should be convinced that there is no bug left. And
> > then, if a new bug is discovered, we'll torture you, hang you, burn you,
> and
> > then we'll install Windows on your computer (the last part was a joke).
> k, i'll go for 2.4 and checklist it against the neccessary archives and what
> i;ve
> got - for the 3rd time - download em and try again.
> but i still recon updatin the current - last stable book - say each week,
> would
> be handy for those - like me - who have to stick with wingedows and fit
> linux
> in my spare time - at least until delphi for linux is available.
> andrew
> www.btinternet.com/~talisoft/html/wingedows.html

Let's get serious. What is your goal ? To learn something by developing your
typing skills ? No way.
Most of obvious bugs are typos or result of "overtime typing" ( Gerard might
remember that one of
early versions had something like /mnt/hda5 in it ). If you do not see this (
/mnt/hda5 ) is funny, that means
LFS is _gift_ for you ! It gives you a chance to have REAL learning experience
- fixing the problem.
I even think it worthwhile to leave such a "gems" in the book - just to help
people learn ...
I can tell you that most of those typos are obvious just when you are reading
and trying to understand the code
( script, configuration parameters, whatever ). Yes, with a bash reference in
front of you, opening .man pages, etc.
LFS ( as for me ) is a general guide showing you the WAY. I personally have
changed configuration parameters for 3 packages
out of every 5, and some SysV scripts just to fit my personal taste. I beleive
other people have done so also, it is natural.
If you do not like fixing that sort of problems, that's fine. Buy or download a
distributions of your shoice or even
Otherwise, "What did you do to build very your system ? -I typed..."

Sergey Ostrovsky

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