shadow password suite install possible correction

Serguei Ostrovskii sostrovs at
Wed Aug 30 10:14:33 PDT 2000

One package of KDE-2 beta2 suite, namely kdebase-1.93, has the
configuration option --with-shadow,
which enables using shadow passwords suite, if presented in the system.
Indeed, make fails because it can't
find Sure it can't, the one isn't there. It was
intentionally deleted in shadow-19990827/lib/
with comments something like "Because shadow library is a private one,
we do not want anybody to link against it".
Actually, not the real library ( which is ) but just
symlink was deleted.
I think, "World moved on" (Stephen King) since 19990827.
The link is easy to recreate
cd /lib; ln -s
or just delete dozen of characters from that
Yes, I realize that lfs-discuss doesn't care about KDE, it is subject of
lfs-apps, indeed I'm posting this message here
because it _might_ imply a 2-cents change to the book. I believe this
explanation being sufficient to forgive me.

Sergey Ostrovsky.

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