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John Arrowwood John.Arrowwood at
Wed Aug 30 16:05:14 PDT 2000

I want to be able to separate out "required" from "optional" packages so
that I can install an LFS system that is as small and tight as is humanly
possible, both for my firewall and my (newly found) laptop.  

Anybody have any ideas what packages can be done without in the final
product without negatively impacting the usability of the system once you
actually start using it?  

For instance, once the system is set up, I don't need GCC anymore unless I
want to compile things, so GCC should be an optional install in the final
product.  After all I can use the staticly compiled version to finish the
install . . . right?  And I can probably live without any man pages on my
firewall, since I'll have them available elsewhere...

Gerard, I believe you were working on documenting all of the package
dependencies.  Any chance you can share what you have so far?  Any
suggestions on how I can help you to figure what you don't already have?

-- John
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